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At Mara Cruiz Organics, we are happy that people are becoming more aware and conscious of what goes into their hair and skin.  We have developed high-quality and effective natural products that have the potential to solve black textured hair problems using natural plant butters, oils, botanical and fruit extract.

We urge you to help us expand our reach and earn your share of this multi-billion dollar beauty industry by enrolling in our Product Distributorship Program. This program is currently open for our natural hair products and natural oils. To learn about our products, download our Product Catalogue.

Distributor Benefits

  • Free training on Natural Hair care
  • Free Marketing Strategy Training
  • Get your business listed on our websites and all social media platforms
  • Receive 20% – 30% discount off product retail price based on the distributorship level you choose.
  • You will be fully equipped with our product information so you can advice your clients.
  • All distributors are entitled to free promotional and marketing tools like packaging items, digital banners, flyers, infographics,etc
  • Active distributors that meets a set target will be rewarded.
  • The minimum investment to start up is N60,000 or its equivalent in  other currencies.    Fill the form below to enroll now.

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